Vitreous Cutters

Leading the Industry: From the first MicroVit® Vitreous Cutter in 1982, to our 8000 plus cut per minute High Speed Vitrectors, MID Labs has set the standard for Vitreous Cutters.

Offering Choice: 20ga, 23ga, or 25ga. MID Labs offers a Vitreous Cutter that will improve cutting performance for any compatible Ophthalmic Surgical System.

Packaged How You Want It: MID Labs offers all our products packaged sterile or non-sterile, with or without tubing to match your specification and cost requirements.

Proven Quality: Made in USA, ISO 13485:2012 Certified — the MID Labs production team has been building Vitreous Cutters for more than a quarter century.

Continuous Development: New technology allows MID Labs to offer Vitreous Cutters that deliver enhanced, port forward cutting performance with high speed precision on any compatible Ophthalmic Surgical Systems.

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