The UVE advantage: Confidence is the result of predictable behavior and responsive control. The matched performance of the UVE driver and MID Labs' proven cutter technology delivers outstanding fluidics at unprecedented cut rates. Non-linear control algorithms instantly track cut rate changes.

MID Labs Offers: Vit Enhancer® technology allows enhanced vitreous cutting capabilities to be added to your existing surgical system. Why buy a whole new system that is already behind the times? The Ultimate Vit Enhancer® delivers ultra high-speed vitreous cutting of up to 8,000 cuts per minute. With our new Bi-Blade® vitreous cutters you can increase your cut rate up to 16,000 cuts per minute.  All in all you get enhanced aspiration performance at a fraction of the cost.

Enhanced Ultra-High-Speed Cutting: The highest available cut rate permits removal of tissue in the smallest possible increments. But the ultimate advantage is in the control of optimal fluidics. Work safely at lower vacuum levels, even at previously unthinkable cut rates.

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