Single Step CIS

Ergonomically Designed Handle

  • Operational stability due to longer barrel design and grasping section with tactile ribbing

  • Thumb-activated protraction and retraction at rear of handle allows for tactile operation

Refined Blade Function

  • Modified spear point (MVR style) blade promotes low pressure insertion with minimal force, and creates a clean incision

  • Cannula's self-sealing silicone valve designed with a beveled cup for easy instrument insertion, provides enhanced sealing and promotes smooth extraction of instruments from the cannula

Measuring and Marking Feature

  • Molded caliper points allow for measurement of 4mm or 3mm (nominal) from reference point

  • Molded caliper points also provide a means to mark a temporary indentation of sclera from a reference point at the limbus

High-Flow Infusion

  • Designed to work with a high flow Infusion Tube Connection, offering the maximum diameter channel possible for infusion flow

Available in Various Gauges

  • Take your choice: 23 Gauge, 25 Gauge, or 27 Gauge


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