The AVE advantage: The AVE offers the advantage of high quality, high-speed vitreous cutters with superior aspiration performance to users of virtually any surgical system that has a pneumatic vitreous cutter drive source.

MID Labs Offers: The AVE will drive MID Labs pneumatic vitreous cutters (20, 23, or 25 gauge) at high actuation rates up to 2500 cuts per minute. The AVE is a self-contained console, with an internal compressed air source, utilizing proprietary pulse waveform shaping technology, providing pneumatic power to drive the performance-matched vitreous cutter.

Enhanced High-Speed Cutting: The AVE is designed to interface with any host ophthalmic surgical system that includes a vitreous cutter drive function. This is accomplished with the simple connection of a hose or cord from the AVE to the pneumatic vitrector connector of the host system. The cut rate of the vitreous cutter is set on the AVE, and the "on/off' control of the vitreous cutter is accomplished by the host unit foot pedal. The AVE provides enhanced high-speed cutting with no modification to the host ophthalmic system.

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